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Video lectures

Use the following guide if you are unable to open video lectures from Nestor.

  1. Are you unable to find the video lectures or are you unable to sign in with your student number and password? In this case, please contact your teacher or the student support desk of your faculty.
  2. Check if another student is able to access the lectures.
    • If he or she is able to access the lectures, the problem might be related to your computer. The best way to fix this is to use another one or find a tech-savvy acquaintance to help you.
  3. Check when the lecture took place. It usually takes two days for a lecture to be available online.
  4. If the suggestions above did not help, please send an e-mail to nestorsupport@rug.nl (or contact us by phone: 050-363 8282) with the following information:
    • Name
    • Student number
    • Name of the course

Frequent problems: 

1. My video lecture does not work in Windows Media Player!

Solution: Try the free VLC Player. Doesn't that work either? Mail Nestorsupport.

2. My video lecture does not work on a university computer with Firefox and Windows Media Player!

Solution: Disable the Windows Media Player Plugin in Dynamic Link Library. When you disable this (Tools, Add-ons, Plug-ins, Windows Media Player in Dynamic Link Library, Disable) the ASX-files will be correctly opened. 

3. I can't watch video lectures on my iPad. 

Solution: Download the app Goodreader to be able to view the .asx files; this will work in iOS5. Did you upgrade to iOS6 already? Contact Nestorsupport.