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FAQ - I have another question. Who should I contact?

At large organizations like the University of Groningen, it is important to know who to contact in case of problems. For your convenience we made an overview. Some elements are supported by a step-to-step diagnostic list. Click on the provided link for more information.


Nestor coordinators

Each faculty has its own Nestor coordinator. The Nestor coordinator has the following responsibilities:

  • Course enrollments
  • Creation of new courses
  • Creation of guest accounts
  • Support on site

The Nestor coordinator for the faculties are:

Faculty Name Telephone (050-36-) Email
FEB Economics and Business Evert Deelstra ; Nicole van de Beek 37352 ; 38430 nestor.feb@rug.nl
FEB Economics and Business (administrative) Nestorsupport 38282 nestor.feb@rug.nl
GMW Behavioural and Social Sciences Edwin Kiers 36335 nestor.gmw@rug.nl
GGW Theology and Religious Studies Henk Van Putten 34589 h.t.van.putten@rug.nl
LET Faculty of Arts Peter de Groot 37043 nestor.letteren@rug.nl
FMW Medical Sciences (UMCG), Wenckebach Jaap van der Leest 050 361 6475 j.van.der.leest@umcg.nl
FRG Law Bart Beijer 35406 nestor.rechten@rug.nl
FRG Law Janet Bijleveld 35681 nestor.rechten@rug.nl
FRW Spatial Sciences Nestorsupport 38282 nestor.frw@rug.nl
FIL Philosophy Fré Moorrees 37960 f.c.moorrees@rug.nl
FIL Philosophy Arnold Veenkamp 36172 a.a.veenkamp@rug.nl
FSE Science and Engineering Rudy Moddemeijer 33940 nestor.fse@rug.nl
UCG University College Robbert van Veen 34612 nestor.ucg@rug.nl
HC Honours College Jeroen Schreurs 39370 j.p.a.schreurs@rug.nl
UBG University Library Joost Driesens 38419 j.d.driesens@rug.nl




Nestorsupport is the support desk which focuses on supporing Nestor users. The most important tasks are:

Contact details for Nestorsupport:

Contact details Nestorsupport
E-mail: nestorsupport@rug.nl
Telefoon: 050 363 8282
Twitter: @nestorsupport
Facebook: fb.com/nestorsupport



For the following problems you can contact the CIT Servicedesk

CIT Servicedesk  
Knowledge base http://myuniversity.rug.nl/cit/servicedesk/kennisbank
Online question form http://myuniversity.rug.nl/cit/servicedesk/ictvragenformulier
Email citservicedesk@rug.nl
Phone 050 363 3232
Twitter @CITservicedesk
Zernike desk Mercator 5415.0052
City centre desk Harmonie building H12.101
City centre desk Heymans building 2211.050A
UMCG, sector F desk Medical Sciences 3214.311b



"Need to Know" and "Nice to Know"

For placing messages on Need or Nice to Know you should contact the communication department by sending an email to news@rug.nl