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Course Roles

Course roles determine the access to the content and tools within a course. Every user has a role in every course (or organization) he or she takes part in. For example, a user can have the role of Student in a particular course while being Course Builder in another course. Instructors can use these roles to delegate a part of the responsibility for the management of the course.

An Instructor can use the Control Panel of a course to add users and adjust the roles. Using the option Change User's Role in Course, an Instructor can determine to what extent users have access to the course.

Course roles

Starting point: Course > Control Panel > Users and Groups - Users

Normally, the following Course Roles are present:

  • Course Builder: The Course Builder can add content to the course.
  • Grader: The Grader has access to all areas under Tests.
  • Instructor: The Instructor has the most rights in a course. Besides the altering of content and lay-out of a course he also has the rights to add users to the course, distribute roles among users, configure tools and manage groups, among other things.
  • Student: The Student has access to the course and can use all buttons that are available to him. The Student has no access to the Control Panel.
  • Teaching Assistant: The Teaching Assistant can manage most of the aspects of the course except for the configuration of users.
  • Guest: This role has limited access to the content of a Course. The Instructor determines which components are or aren't available within a Course. The (interactive) tools and comments are not available to a Guest.
  • Observer: A System Administrator is able to assign the role of Observer to a user. The Instructor of a course can grant an Observer access to a course, so that the Observer can observe a specific participant of a course.

Configuration of the roles


While enrolling users in a course you can determine the role of the user.

  • Select [ Users and Groups] and then [ Users] in the Control Panel.
  • Open the course in which you want to enroll one or more users. 
  • Click [ Find Users to Enroll].
  • Find and select the user.
  • Select the role that the user(s) that are being enrolled should get.

Changes are made instantly.

Changing the roles of existing course users

  • Open the course in which you want to change the roles.
  • Select [Users and Groups] and then [ Users] in the Control Panel.
  • Search for the user or select "Show all' to show all enrolled users.
  • Change the user's role.