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Item - Adaptive Release


Adaptive Release provides the option of releasing content based on time, membership of a group, grade, or review status. Content, like office documents, links and folders, can be made available based on a number of predetermined criteria. Blackboard has two options to do so:

  • Adaptive Release > works with standard rules. This option is covered here.
  • Adaptive Release: Advanced > here you have to develop your own rules by using the button `Create Rule'. By making multiple rules with criteria, the level of access can be refined. This option is not covered here.


The following steps explain how you can set up an adaptive release for an item. These steps are also applicable for other components in Nestor, for example a group enrollment. 

  1. Find the right course and choose the right item in Nestor
  2. Click on  which will appear next to the name of the item and click on 'Adaptive Release'
  3. Subsequently it is possible to set up different criteria:
  • Date: gives the option of specifying a limited period of time in which the content is available for users. It suffices to enter one or two dates/times here.
  • Membership: gives the option of giving a specific user and/or group access to the content. You can do that by using [Browse] to look up the username in the window that opens. Select one or more users and click [Submit]. The name of the user will be added to the line Membership.
  • Grade: gives the option of giving access based on the results achieved within the course. A condition to use this rule is the availability of at least one assignment or test in the Grade Center. Next to [Select a Grade Center Column],select an item from the Grade Center. After that, you can configure whether a user must have made at least one attempt at a certain assignment, or whether a user must have achieved a certain grade, for example. In the example below, the user must have acquired at least 56 points for assignment 1.
  • Review status: gives the option of making content available when a user has viewed a certain component of the course. Click the button [Browse] next to the field [Select an item]. In the newly opened window, select the item that the user must have viewed before being able to see the item to which this rule applies. A condition for this is that the Review Status is activated for an item. You can so that by selecting it next to the item. When the Review Status has not been activated, Blackboard will activate it automatically when choosing a component of the course that is used for the rule Review. Click [Submit] to activate the rule(s) at the item concerned.

When you click on 'Submit', the chosen criteria are applied. 

Note: You can only add Adaptive Release when the [Edit Mode] is [On]