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Advanced Group Tool

To improve group functionality in Blackboard, the University of Groningen has developed a program for more efficient group management: the Advanced Group Tool (AGT). This tool enables users to create large amount of groups, enroll students in groups within your courses and manage groups by importing and exporting them, in a quick and easy way. Managing your groups has never been so simple.

Since the arrival of version 9.0, the group functionality in Nestor has been extended. An important change is the replacement of groups by group sets. By using group sets, settings for several groups can be adjusted by just one click.

Compared to the standard group functionality in Blackboard, the Advanced Group Tool building block adds a couple of useful options:

  • In the Advanced Group Tool, students can subscribe in several groups at the same time. In the Blackboard group functionality, students can subscribe in just one group per course.
  • In the Advanced Group Tool, unenrolling from a group is also possible. In Blackboard, students can enroll in a group if self-enrollment is enabled, but cannot unenroll from a group.
  • In the Advanced Group Tool, you can export your groups to a .csv-file. That makes it easy to update your group administration.
  • Importing groups. In combination with the export function groups and group sets can be copied to other courses. The original group functionality of Blackboard lacks such an import function.
  • One-click-print list. With one click you can create a print list containing all group enrollments. Useful for your records!
  • An option for hiding fully enrolled groups. Blackboard’s standard group functionality does not have this function.
  • Group journals and blogs can be linked to Grade Center columns.
  • User friendliness is greatly improved when using this building block to manage your groups, compared to the standard Blackboard group functionality.

 An overview of the subjects: