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FAQ - I cannot upload my photo



First year students are requested to upload their photo in Nestor for their student card.


Follow these steps:

1. Log in to http://nestor.rug.nl with the student number and password you've received when you enrolled for the university. It was sent to you by email. Haven't received your credentials? First check your SPAM folder. If you cannot find your username and password there, please contact the CIT Servicedesk: citservicedesk@rug.nl or call (+31) 050 363 3232.

2. Go to the tab My Nestor and click the Add Module button.

3. Search in the search box in the left for "photo" and click Add below the search result "Student Card Photo Upload". The module is now added to your My Nestor page.

4. Return to your My Nestor tab. Look for the module and click Approval Link. You are requested to login again using your student number and password.

5. In the next screen you see the text: "In order to allow the "Enrollment (Nestor)" application access to your personal data, please tick the box below and fill out the period during which you will allow "Enrollment (Nestor)" to have access to your personal data". Check the box "I agree to provide my data to the "Enrollment (Nestor)" application". If you don't do this, you cannot upload your photo. Next, in the field Yes, for the future [] days, add a number of 1 or higher.

6. You can now upload your photo by clicking Browse. Please note that photos have a maximum file size of 4MB. For larger photo files, please rescale your photo to a smaller file size in a program such as Paint or Photoshop before uploading.

7. You now return to your My Nestor page. If the upload was succesful, the uploaded photo will appear in the module.

Possible problems with photo upload

I forgot to check"I agree to provide my data to the "Enrollment (Nestor)" and now I'm stuck
Your browser remembers this setting. To upload your photo, first empty your browser's cache. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Browsing History > Delete. In Mozilla Firefox, the option can be found at Tools > Clear Recent Browsing History. For Google Chrome: Tools > Delete Browsing History.

I can reach the screen where I upload my photo, but am receiving an error.
Check your photo's file size. This can be 4MB maximum.

I have another photo upload problem
Contact Nestorsupport: nestorsupport@rug.nl or 050 363 8282. You can also reach us on Twitter (@nestorsupport) en Facebook. Please mention in your message which of the above steps you could reach and what the specific problem is (automatic reloading, error message, etc.) that occurs.