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Single Sign-on to Nestor

From November 8th 2015, Nestor will use the so called "Single Sign-on Environment".
The log-in page will look as follows: 


What does this entail and what exactly changed? 

Single Signon

The single sign-on environment has the advantage that when you log-in to one of the RUG-systems that use the single sign-on environment (e.g. Google Apps or Nestor), you are automatically logged in to all connected systems once you visit them. Hence, you do not have to log-in seperately to each system.  

Which systems use the Single Sign-on environment?

The following RUG-systems make use of the single sign-on environment: 

  • Nestor;
  • Google Apps (Email, Calendar, etc);
  • Presentations2Go;
  • MyUniversity;
  • Self-serviceportal (staff only);
  • Aclosport;
  • Pure; 
  • Edugroepen; 
  • Scorion (Medical Sciences); 
  • RechtenOnline;
  • and more.

What exactly changed?

  • Students (s1234567) and staff (p123456) are, after logging in to one of the aforementioned systems, automatically logged in to all the conncected systems; 
  • Nothing changes for let-/we-/noha- and guestaccounts; 
  • You can only log-in to Nestor with an s- or p- account and not with an f- or g-account. This means that if you are logged in with your f- or g-account to Google Apps / MyUniversity etc., you will first be logged out. 
  • You are able to switch between accounts on Nestor. However, if you are logged in to other connected systems as well, you will remain logged in. To logout there, you have to close your browser.