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Statement of Enrollment


  1. Go to the "Today" tab and press the button "Add Module" in the bottom part of your Today-tab.
  2. In the search bar enter "photo" and find the Student Card Photo Upload. Press [Add]. The module has now been added to your Today-tab. 
  3. Return to your Today tab. Find the photo module and press "Approval Link". You will now be asked to log in again with your student number and password. 
  4. The screen that follows displays the text: "In order to allow the "Enrollment (Nestor)" application access to your personal data, please tick the box below and fill out the period during which you will allow "Enrollment (Nestor)" to have access to your personal data". Check the box near "I agree to provide my data to the "Enrollment (Nestor)" application.
  5. Set the period for passing on your data to 1 day.
  6. Return to the module. You can now download your statement of enrollment.