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Create an Ephorus assignment


The process of creating an Ephorus assignment is described in this section of Nestorhelp. An Ephorus assignment automatically scans submissions for plagiarism.


  1. Open your course and navigate to the [Content Area] where the Ephorus assignment has to be placed.
  2. Make sure the [Edit Mode] is turned on. You can locate the Edit button in the top right section of the course.
  3. Click [Assessment] and choose [Ephorus Assignment].
  4. At 1. Information give the assignment a name by filling in [Title]. Optionally you can provide some brief instructions.
  5. At 2. Optional Files it is possible to enclose a file, such as an example assignment.
  6. Further Assignment options are provided at 3. Assignment Details. First of all, the assignment can be made a group assignment. In this case, the assignment can be handed in by only one of the group members. Secondly, a process type can be selected. Thirdly, a maximum amount of points can be appointed to the assignment.
  7. The 4. Options section is used to set the availability of the assignment.
  8. Click [Submit].
  9. The Ephorus assignment has been created. The assignment will not be clickable as long as [Edit Mode] is on.



Please note: Deleting an Ephorus assignment will result in the deletion of all the document that were submitted to the assignment as well. These can not be retrieved. 

To make an assignment unavailable to students, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the  behind the assignment's name.
  2. Choose [Edit].
  3. Navigate to Options and select [no] at [Permit users to view this item].