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Grade an Ephorus assignment


This section provides a description on how to view the results of an Ephorus assignment. This feature creates a detailed report on similarities and its sources, to provide instructors with an easy way to detect plagiarism.


  1. Open the course
  2. Open the [Control Panel] and select[Course Tools].
  3. Click [Ephorus Assignment].
  4. Select the assignment to grade.
  5. An overview of all students, their submissions and the percentage of similarities found in the Ephorus database, will be produced.

    6. Click the document title to download the submission.

    7. Click and [View Report] to view details.

    8. At 1. Submitted Document, additional information on the document can be found, as well as a download link.

    9. Grade the submission at 2. Grading.

   10. Click OK