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Respondus (English)

What is Respondus?

Respondus is a program wherein tests can be made to use in Nestor. Respondus is by default installed on all university computers. Following the steps below, you can install Respondus at home, so that you can also create tests at home.

Respondus tab

If you do not yet have a Respondus tab on your nestor page, you can contact nestorsupport. Without a Respondus tab, Respondus will not work.

Use Respondus at home

If you would like to use Respondus outside of the university, you can visit uwp.rug.nl. Here you can log in with your usual username and password. After logging in, you are in the digital environment of the university and all programs usually installed on a university computer will be available to you. 


Elaborate manual
Quick Start Guide
Demo Video's

RUG instructions Respondus

Uploading  a test to Nestor with Respondus

Under the tab Preview & Publish you are able to publish in Nestor. With Preview you can check the test before you publish it. When you click Publish to Blackboard you can publish the test to your nestorcourse.


By clicking on Publish Wizard the following window will open:

Usually Nestor is the default Blackboard Server, but in some unusual cases the settings need to be changed, this is shown on the picture below. 


When you want to publish, you have to give your username (p-number) and password. After this a list will follow with courses in which you are instructor. Here you can choose between publishing the test as a test or a pool (collection of questions for later tests).


After this, you can choose in which content area you would like to place the test.

Respondus tabblad

If you do not have a Respondus Tab in Nestor yet, you can contact nestorsupport@rug.nl